Guy signing a contract with a fountain pen

Does the picture get the point across? No? Well, here are the details: After what seems an excruciatingly long slog, I’ve signed a two-book contract with InterMix, Penguin’s e-first imprint.

Now, for those of you who are curious about such things, in this case, e-first may mean e-only. But if the books sell well enough (and that’s not a hard number or anything) they will be published in print by Berkley, since InterMix is the digital arm. The nice thing about e-first, however, is that it’s much faster. Not fast like “oh, I’m going to download a cover and put it up myself,” but fast like 9 months versus 18. So the first book (which is currently titled Dead and Buried) will come out in the fall of 2013.

Those of you who know me know I write in a huge variety of genres. These books are romantic suspense. I love RS because it really does combine my favorite elements—plenty of gruesome killing, but with a happy ending attached.

So please celebrate with me here, on Twitter, on Women of Mystery, on Criminal Element, and anywhere else you might find me hanging out!