Fallen Angel by Jonelle PatrickSo recently I’ve run up against a problem I never foresaw. Well, I foresaw part of it — I fully expected that when I sold my book, my editor would want to change my title. What I didn’t anticipate was that we wouldn’t be able to come up with one.

Now, currently, my title is DEAD AND BURIED. It’s not an exciting title, I’ll be the first to admit, but it’s very descriptive of the book. No spoilers to say there are dead bodies, buried bodies, buried secrets, etc all over the place in the manuscript. After all, it’s romantic suspense.

The problem is that my editor feels as if the title doesn’t say “romantic suspense,” it just says “suspense.” Fair enough. I tend to write suspense with romantic elements rather than romance with elements of suspense.

But every title I thought sounded good ran into the same problem — too much mystery, not enough romance. So I was on the phone with Clare Toohey and she suggested I just give up and call it Ethan and Lucy Enjoy Romantic Suspense Together.

Well, fine. But you know, this is part of a series, which means that the next book would be Tara Jean and Jake Enjoy Romantic Suspense Together. And the series, naturally, would be called the Enjoy Romantic Suspense Together series. So the full title of the first book would be Ethan and Lucy Enjoy Romantic Suspense Together (Enjoy Romantic Suspense Together Series Book 1).

It didn’t get me any closer to a real title, but it did give me a laugh. I hope it gives you one, too.

*I chose this picture to go with this post because I like that cover and it’s my publisher—see the little DNA-looking thing in the bottom left corner? That’s their logo.