November 1 begins my massive month of giveaways. I will be giving something away on the blog every single day. But right now I am asking you to do something…even if it’s just commenting on this post at A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet. See, Limecello, who runs that blog, is raising money for Love 146, an organization that focuses on preventing human trafficking and also provides aftercare for rescued victims.

It’s possible you can’t donate. But Lime is donating for every comment up to $600, and I’m tossing in an extra $100 the minute she reaches 100 comments. So you don’t have to spend your own money (though of course it’s even better if you have a couple of dollars to give to the cause).¬† All the information (and it’s truly frightening and depressing) is on her blog, including a link to the donation page should you want to give thanks this year by donating a little something. But if you can’t just comment and say you would if you could. That’s enough. Others are also kicking in money depending on how many comments there are, so pass the word to friends, too.

Love 146

And don’t forget to come back in November to see what I’ve got for you!