Bria Quinlan

If you know me, you know I don’t read YA. In fact, I even wrote a rant more than two years ago about how I am tired of people telling me “oh, you have to read this great YA.” But here’s the thing. Two years ago, my nieces were kids. Now they’re the market for YA fiction. So while it’s still not my thing, I have been trying to read more so that I know what to buy for them. Mostly, the books they read fall into a couple of categories: dystopian and “daily life.” So today I am giving away two YA books by a friend of mine, Bria Quinlan, that fall into the “daily life” category. (And the “romance” category because, face it, I love romance!) Because I am assuming you’ll want to give these to someone else, I’ll be sending the physical books unless you specifically tell me you want ebooks.

So if you, or some young person you know likes to read, this is one not to miss! Don’t forget that to enter the giveaway, you have to click the “+1” buttons on the Rafflecopter, not just comment, get mailing list, etc.

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