November’s a busy month in any year. Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, getting ready for the December craziness… and this year I have a book release as well. So as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve decided that every single day in November I will be giving something away. I feel very lucky this year, so I want other people to have some joy, too.

I’ll be posting toys, books, gadgets for readers and writers, pens, paper, and jewelry. The rules will always be simple: comment, become a newsletter subscriber (or already be a newsletter subscriber), tell your friends… the thing that will change is where I will send the prizes. Some will be US only, others will be available world-wide.

To start, I’m giving away the ultimate conference accessory, extra power! This Duracell battery backup takes a standard USB, so you can plug in your tablet, eReader, or phone using a USB power cable. Good luck!

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