Wrapping PaperI am not a terribly materialistic person. I drive a fairly beat up car, wear jeans or sweatpants just about every day, and—oddly enough for someone who used to make it herself—rarely bother with jewelry. But there are some things I love:

  • Electronics—I don’t need the newest or latest, but I do like gadgets.
  • Cameras—I haven’t been without a camera attached to me since I was 13 years old, and I collect them
  • Shoes—I cannot be without my Fluevogs!

And…wrapping paper. Well, paper products in general. I haunt the post-holiday sales, and lately have become addicted to One King’s Lane’s wrap sales where they sell artist-created wrap and gorgeous ribbon.

Oh, yeah, ribbon. (Hang on while I wipe up the drool.)

And wrapping paper is a strange thing. On the one hand, it’s beautiful. On the other, it’s wasteful. Even if you go with recycled wrap, which I do, it would still be better for the environment to turn your present over without any extra frills.

RibbonOne year, I tried to reconcile the conflict by wrapping everyone’s presents in paper infused with seeds so they could plant the paper later on if they wanted to. But it wasn’t the same. It was lovely and all, but it didn’t satisfy my need for paper products. (And the seeds made wrapping difficult–the corners wouldn’t work neatly.)

And ribbon is never ecological. You can find canvas and burlap ribbons, and you can use raffia, and those are better options. But traditional ribbon is so pretty.

I like giving presents. You might be able to tell that from my entire month of giveaways. But I also like wrapping presents. And looking at them all piled up in pretty wrap and ribbon, with little doodads in the bows.

Please tell me I’m not alone in my addiction. Do you wrap? Confess!