I am a huge fan of Doctor Who. This year I have undertaken to introduce my husband to the series, and while he’s not a fan, exactly, he likes it better than many other things I watch.

Like many fans of Doctor Who, I have my favorite Doctor. I also have my favorite companion. David Tennant is my Doctor (with Tom Baker coming in second) and Donna is my favorite companion, though I am inordinately fond of Sarah Jane Smith and I grew to really enjoy Amy and Rory. I think Donna’s ending is the most poignant of any in the series to date. And, in fact, that’s what I liked about David Tennant’s time as the Doctor: the writing was emotional and the storylines were delivered by excellent actors.

Before Doctor Who, however, I had no idea who Catherine Tate was. This woman is a comic genius. It doesn’t come across well in the show, except for her timing (which is important in all aspects of acting, not just in comedy), but you can find all sorts of things starring her on You Tube. Below, I have a couple of clips of Tate and Tennant together that I hope amuse you as much as they do me. Enjoy.

First up, “Christmas Present” from Catherine Tate’s version of “A Christmas Carol”

And next, from 2007’s Comic Relief, a classroom skit: