RWA ConferenceI’ve just made my reservation for this year’s RWA conference. (Thieves, don’t worry, my husband will still be at my house and my dogs will be with him!) I love RWA. Not the organization, which has all the flaws and weaknesses inherent in any large group, but the conference. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you have limited funds for promotion/marketing, you should go to a conference. It will be more expensive than any other form of marketing, but it will put you in touch with all the people you need to know.

RWA is my vacation as well as my professional networking conference. It’s when I get to see the people I can only chat with online the rest of the year. It’s the one place everyone understands my obsessions and fears.

If you’re thinking about going and you’re not sure whether you’d fit in at a conference, here’s my post on how to deal with conferences: The Art of the Con. The fact is, most conference attendees are very friendly. It won’t take you long to find a group to hang with. If you’re really nervous, find someone to go with you. Make it a vacation as well as a career item.

Are you going to any conferences this year? I’ll be doing RT, Bouchercon, and, of course, RWA. Will I see you?