crankypantsIf only I could clone myself, the other me would, in her copious free time, create a clothing company called “Cranky Couture” so that we could all wear honest-to-goodness cranky pants when we feel like it.

If you’re part of the publishing world, I’ll just say that my current cranky mood is due to being slammed by a Howey’s report over and over everywhere I’ve looked. If you want to know what I think of that report, I will send you two places:

1) To Sunita’s excellent analysis on Dear Author, wherein she mentions all the things I knew, and several I didn’t, that made me distrust the report.

2) To my own post at Women of Mystery, wherein I talk about some of the things you should consider before making your own choice about how you want to publish your current project.

If you’re not in publishing, that won’t mean anything to you. Be happy. Or put on your cranky pants and let me know what makes you want to wear them!