Every year, I bid on at least a couple of items in Brenda Novak’s annual auction the proceeds of which go to support diabetes research. Last year, I won my super-cool Lego trailer from Sarah M. Anderson and my website design from DreamForge Media.

This year, I am donating some of my own work to the auction. The auction software doesn’t allow for giant pictures, so I am uploading larger sizes of the two items here, so you can see them in detail. I’ll refresh your memory as the time draws nearer, I promise. These are just a teaser, and a reminder to go check out some of the amazing things available to bid on. Create an account and start your watchlist!

First up, the Sparkling Serenity necklace (link is to the auction page with more information):

And then is one of my all-time favorite pieces I’ve ever made: the Spring Garden bracelet.