Lady Justice

© alkal82 / 123RF Stock Photo

I am curious about how many of my friends have served on juries and what their experiences were. I am currently serving on a federal jury which—because the federal courthouse is far from close to my house—is making for very long days.

The nice thing about the federal courthouse in NY is that it is right at the edge of Chinatown, so every day on our one hour lunch I get to go try a different restaurant.

Of course I cannot yet say anything about the trial. Those are the rules. But even jury selection itself gave me ideas for new books, and I am anxious to share some of the cool stuff I’ve learned with you all.

Have you served on a jury? Did the trial last approximately the length of time they thought it would, or was it more like dealing with home improvements, where you have to allot 1.5 times as long as they say? Did you learn anything interesting? Was it fun or just deadly dull?