Tentacle Nail ArtThe 24 individual manicure pods were won, but the nail art fabulousness doesn’t stop there! Since a manicure even gets a mention in Toying With His Affections, today I am giving away three sets of nail strips from Espionage Cosmetics. Evie wears plain red nail polish, these are a wee bit more exotic. Once again, perfect for conferences, conventions, and the unconventional party! The set includes wild sparkling octopus tentacles, comic book craziness, and Tim Burton-inspired wackiness!

I’ve worn these in the past and had mixed results. I would recommend putting them on as close to the event as possible, since one night they lasted for only a few hours. Other people have worn then for more than a week without any problem, however, so I cannot say that they will peel off your nails the way they diComic Book Nail Stripsd off mine! Be sure to wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol before putting them on to keep the sticky stuff…well…sticky for as long as possible!

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Here’s a video tutorial telling you how to use the nail wraps:


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