Toying With His Affections CoverMany of you know I will be publishing my first contemporary romance this summer. This is my cover. Isn’t it pretty? And here’s the cover copy:

Good girl gone bad…
Evie Bell couldn’t wait to get out of the small town that had labeled her a goodie two-shoes growing up so she could let out her more daring side. Selling sex toys might not have been the career she envisioned when she left Fairview, TN, for Las Vegas to become a showgirl, but she’s proud of her hard-earned success. Now, forced to return to the town she’d hoped never to see again to care for her ailing aunt, she will need every bit of that pride to get along with those who disapprove of her way of life.

Bad boy gone good…
Griffin Barstow was given a choice at eighteen: jail or the military. He chose the military. Now he’s come home to Fairview to run for sheriff. But small towns have long memories and the last thing he needs while trying to convince voters he’s turned his life around is an attraction to a completely inappropriate woman.

Evie would like to avoid Griffin entirely, but her aunt’s store is in trouble only the law can help her solve. And when sparks begin to fly, both will have to decide whether a future together is possible given the issues of the past.

The thing about self-pub is that you get to experiment with a wide variety of things like pricing, sales outlets, advertising…you get the idea. One of the things I want to do with Toying with his Affections is to try some different ways of selling it. Yes, it will be available in all the standard places and in all the standard formats. Yes, you’ll be able to get it in paperback as well as e. Yes, I hope to be able to get it into library systems so that you’ll be able to get it free.

But it will also be available on my Storenvy store, which gives me the ability to send coupons. So my intention is to send out a coupon to everyone who signs up for my newsletter which will allow them to buy the book in the format of their choice for half off the cover price ($3.99 in either epub or mobi, $11.99 in print) for the first two weeks the book is on sale. The only way to get the coupon is to sign up for my newsletter, which I ONLY send out when I have books coming out, big news, or freebies I think my readers would like.

So sign up today, and be the first to get the new book…and get it at half price!