Echoes, A Harp Security Novel by Laura K. CurtisIn about six weeks (on St. Patrick’s day—talk about lucky!) my new book comes out. It’s called Echoes and it’s officially the first “Harp Security” novel. (Pay no attention to what it currently says on Amazon—the title’s wrong and there’s no picture yet.) If you read Lost, you’ve gotten a glimpse of Nash Harper and his security specialists, but in Echoes you’ll see a lot more of the organization and get to know Nash a bit better.

Echoes is a big departure for me. Where Twisted and Lost took place primarily in Texas, Echoes goes international right at the outset, beginning in St. Martin, a little island in the Caribbean. From there, it moves to New York, where Harp Security has its home base. Calliope Pearson, our heroine, lives just outside of “the city,” as well, so the second part of the book is decidedly urban.

HSELogoGiven that Harp Security Enterprise will have a whole series, it probably needs its own logo and slogan. I’m going to have to do it sometime, right? It should be on the door, stuff like that. So here’s what I have so far. I think it would look pretty good embroidered on a shirt or whatever. I’m undecided about the lettering, though. I might just like the abstract harp with the extra “leg” to make the H.

What do you think?

When I first conceived this, I wanted to use “Harp Security: We go where angels fear to tread” because I liked the “harp” and “angels” combination. But then I realized that people might think they were rushing in, which would make them fools.

Nothing else came to me in terms of angels, so I decided to go for a more justice-oriented theme. I am partial to Disraeli’s “Justice is truth in action,” but there’s also William Lloyd Garrison’s “as harsh as truth and as uncompromising as justice.” Something along either of those lines would do. Or something like “In Your Darkest Hour.” Basic.

So I’m asking for help: thoughts? ideas? Bueller?