CheesesIf you follow me on social media at all, you probably know two things: first, that I love cheese in all its many forms and second, that my new book, Echoes, comes out tomorrow.

You may think these two things have nothing in common. However, Echoes is set partially on the island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten, which is half French and half Dutch. And the French and the Dutch do have one thing in common…they make very good cheese. So to celebrate this release I’ve decided to do something I doubt any other author has done: I am giving away a couple of pounds of cheese from my favorite cheese shop, Murray’s.

What, you can’t have cow cheese? No problem. If you win, I’ll send goat cheese and sheep cheese! Can’t have dairy at all? I’ll send you a package of non-dairy cheese from So enter for your chance to win. And if you want to see what Echoes is all about, you can find an excerpt on my website.

Also, if you like winning things, and especially books, don’t forget to stop by the multi-author Facebook party tomorrow. Between 2pm and 10pm Eastern we are giving away a book every single hour from several different authors!

Good luck!

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