PlannerOver the next couple of weeks, starting on August 10, I’ll be teaching a planning course at Savvy Authors. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that planning is not something that came naturally to me, that I had to decide to do it.

But once I’d made that decision, and started making my planner look pretty and found a group of similarly-inclined folks, it really did change a lot of things. When I look back at where I was at the beginning of this year, I can see how much more I’ve gotten accomplished. Which is why I decided to teach the class.

Even if you don’t want to take a course in planning, or don’t have the time or money, I encourage you to check out my post on the MWA-NY blog where I talk about SMART goals and link to a great video about achieving word count.

If you think the course might interest you, here’s what we’ll be doing:

Day 1: Introductions, goal discussion

Day 2: Setting the big goals: Your writing and your health; build in flexibility

Day 3: Chunking — the key to small goal setting (everyone tends to have similar big goals, but their chunks look very different)

Day 4: Setting realistic time goals and avoiding burnout — multiple goals come into play here

Day 5: Micro goals: daily word count, calories, fitness steps, etc.

Day 6: Dividing your day (this will look different for everyone)

Day 7: To Do lists — turning your nemesis into your ally

Day 8: Planning to plan

Days 9-10: Putting it all together

I hope to see you in the planning class!