pursesMy husband and I are engaged in a purge. We got a new car recently, which means that for the first time since we moved into this house eleven years ago, we need to use the garage…as a garage. So the garage and the basement are getting cleaned out, which means moving things upstairs around to make room for other things, etc, etc, etc.

Most things are either being donated or thrown out. That’s reality. But some things, no matter how impractical, I am not willing to let go of. And that includes these five items, which have been packed away in a drawer for more years than I care to admit.

I will probably give the tiny beaded purses to my twin nieces. They are just too young for me and they would look adorable on sophisticated teens.

The opera glasses I believe belonged to my grandmother.

The black leather purse I remember buying with my mother. It was the first “party bag” I ever owned and it still has the little makeup mirror in its chamois case and the tiny “dollar wallet” inside. You know, the one you put a few bucks and a credit card in because you’re not going to be carrying all your drek to a party.

The other black purse I bought for myself. It’s a 1920s clutch, with a chalcedony, marcasite and sterling silver clasp. It’s absolutely the most elegant thing I have ever carried!

What’s in your closet (or drawer) that you can’t bear to part with?