Happy HeartsI am super happy to invite you all to join me, Penny Watson, and Lexxi Callahan at our new website, Happy Heart Reads! It’s a place for comfort reads, good food, cocktails, music, puppies…anything that lightens your heart.

Things I’ve already learned from Happy Hearts:

  1. Today is Elvis Presley’s birthday and he was only 42 when he died. You probably already knew that, but I’ve never really thought about it, though I love the music!
  2.  Dogs in costumes rock. And the more embarrassing the costume, the better.

Also, there are recipes for both cookies and meatballs already on the blog with more to come. Plus, there’s a chance to win our favorite reads of 2015 in our inaugural Happy Hour post! (We’ll be doing happy hours every week on the blog, with all kinds of fun stuff.) And if you have a Facebook account, stop by our Happy Hour Launch Party from 6pm-8pm for a chance at yet more books and a Kindle Fire tablet!