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Harp LogoThe team at Harp Security appear in three books so far. They are introduced in the last part of Lost—though that is not actually part of the Harp series—and both Echoes (March 2015)  and Mind Games (November 2015) feature agents.

Harp Security is the brainchild of Dwight “Nashville” Harper, a retired CIA and military man. It is primarily housed in a twelve-story building in lower Manhattan, but there are satellite buildings as well.

Nash Harper has a murky past. He has no close friends and even those who work for and with him don’t know what he really did for the CIA.

Nash’s assistant, Lexie Morton, came to HSE from the DEA. Most of the others—with the exception of the research crew—Nash recruited out of the military.


Echoes In Echoes, we meet Aidan Macmillan “Mac” Brody and Travis Moreland. Although neither are Harp agents, when life on the cozy island of St. Martin where they have retired goes horribly wrong, they turn to their old XO for help. Echoes is Mac’s story.

Echoes has been named one of USA Today’s “must read romances of 2015!”

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GRrevsandinfo(March 17, 2015)


MindGames250In Mind Games, Harp agent Eric Sorensen is hired to protect Dr. Jane Evans when her boss suspects she may be in danger.

GoodReads reviews(November 17, 2015)



I don’t have any dates on these (yet!), but readers can rest assured that they will get stories for:

  • Nash
  • Trey
  • Dani
  • Lexie
  • Travis

In (approximately) that order. I have been asked about Marco, HSE’s sniper. I’m not sure when he’ll get his story because I don’t know who the right woman for him is. So I can’t make any promises yet, but I like the guy and it would be a shame for him to go through life as lonely as he is now, so he’ll probably get a story, too.

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