A Match Made on Madison by Dee DavisDo you miss the days when you could pick up a lighthearted “chick-lit” type romance? Back before the powers that be deemed Chick Lit dead and swore never to publish it again? I do. I liked those books. And now, author Dee Davis, best known for her romantic suspense novels, is bringing back some of her lighter titles, A Match Made on Madison and Setup in Soho in digital form and at a reasonable price. So if you’re like me and looking for something to take your mind off the serious troubles in the world at large or in your own, private world, why not enter for your chance to win a copy of A Match Made on Madison (Kindle or physical book–not available yet on other digital platforms).

Here’s the cover copy:

Manhattan glitterati with a desire to find the perfect mate have a new champion in matchmaker Vanessa Carlson. With her fledgling business giving her biggest rival – friend and mentor Althea Sevalas – a run for her money, Vanessa’s services are definitely a hot commodity. To prove once and for all who’s the best matchmaker in town, Vanessa and Althea enter into a competition to see who can score downtown playboy Mark Grayson as her client and send him walking down the aisle. Once a winner is crowned in this very public endeavor, there will be no question as to who rules Manhattan’s matrimonial mergers. But emotions often have a will of their own, and Vanessa learns that her rules don’t always apply.
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