Everyone has one. That one skill they simply cannot master. For a long time, it was drawing for me. When I tell people I cannot make a straight line with a ruler, they think I am kidding. I’m not. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. I have friends whose casual doodles during a single business meeting would take me four years to recreate.

Eventually, I gave up my dreams of being able to create, on paper, the images in my head. At least, as an artist. I do a fair job with words, but often they still seem clunky and imprecise to me.

A piece of the skull shoawlCurrently, the skill that is frustrating me is knitting. I am a fiend for crochet. I can make most anything I set my mind to and have even written a couple of patterns of my own. Anything from a TARDIS notebook cover to a shawl of skulls, I’m confident enough in my crochet abilities to say “sure, I can do that.”

But knitting. Oy. I took a Craftsy class and it was great and I really felt like I knew what I was doing…but I hated every minute of it. Why? Because I had to concentrate so hard! I see these women knitting away on the subway and they don’t even seem to be looking at their work. How will they know if they drop a stitch? You basically can’t drop a stitch in crochet, and you’ll know within a row, two at most, if you’ve done something wrong.

First knit projectBut knitting. OMG. Seriously. One misstep and the whole blasted thing unravels! When I expressed my frustration over the number of times I tore this project out, even with step-by-step video instructions on Craftsy, my knitting friends said “oh, yes, that’s just part of the process.” It’s what?”

One of my 2014 goals was to learn to knit. As you can see, I did finish that project…eventually. And I am pretty sure I know how to knit and purl. But I will never be able to knit like those women on the subway. I will always be worried about dropping a stitch…because I almost certainly will drop stitches. Right now I am knitting one of those endless cowls because I found some gorgeous yarn in New Orleans and decided I wanted to use it, but it’s not well-suited to crochet. But I’ve learned my lesson. There are no fancy stitches in this thing, just knit, knit, knit. And still, I fear it will (k)not come out right.

What skill would you like to master?