Xpress Nail Polish PodsConference season is upon us and when I was at RT recently, I spent a great deal of time talking about manicures with people. I have never had a manicure except when one of my friends insisted that everyone in her wedding party have one. I hated it. I bit my nails right into my twenties, so I never got the hang of the whole thing. And even now I keep them short and very rounded because if there’s a corner anywhere, I’ll pick at it. Also, if I get nervous, my nails break right at the fingertip. (As a side note, my mother’s manicurist says this is because you have a lot of nerves in your fingertips, and when you’re stressed, they throb. True? Not true? I have no idea.)

Anyway, I thought it might be fun—since the in my forthcoming book, Toying With His Affections, the heroine is a bit more of a girly-girl than I am—to do some fun girly giveaways in celebration of the new book. And, naturally, given the multiple manicure conversations at RT, I figured I would start with nails.

A single xpress podThis giveaway is for a set of Formula X “Press Pods.” Each of these tiny bottles works sort of like those pens that you shake and then squeeze. You break the cap off, then squeeze a drop of polish out onto the brush (which is revealed when the cap breaks off), then do up a manicure. Each color is good for only one manicure since they cannot be closed again after they’ve been opened, but it comes with 24 different “pods.”

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This entry is U.S. only due to the contents of the package, but keep an eye out for more that will be overseas-friendly!

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