Icelandic bread, salt, and butterI know they say you should never tell people when you go out of town, but we have a friend of my husband’s from the fire department who’s also former Army who stays at the house when we’re gone, so … you’d probably be better off breaking in when we’re there is what I guess I am saying.

My husband and my parents and I are in Iceland this week. It’s fabulous! I brought my “real” camera, which means I have little to show in the way of pictures until I get home and can upload them, but I will leave you with this, which gives you an idea of one of the things we’ve been doing a good deal of… eating! In fact, my return to the US may be delayed as they probably won’t let me through customs since by that time I will likely have turned into a large lump of gravlax.

What you see here is from our first night. The food here isn’t just delicious, it’s always beautifully presented as well. This is a heavy bread, filled with raisins and nuts, with sweet cream butter and “lava salt.” The waiter at the restaurant told us they smoke the salt to make this kind, but there are about a thousand different kinds of salt here, many locally harvested and mixed with locally harvested herbs, etc. I think I shall probably be bringing some of those home, too.

Tomorrow I visit the Penis Museum. You know I HAVE to go, right? It’s pretty much a requirement as a romance author.