My husband and I have a timeshare and a few years back we didn’t use our week. They notified us that we were going to lose the week if we didn’t use it before August, so we went on the timeshare site and looked for places. We decided to go to Guadeloupe because it’s a relatively easy flight, the fishing is supposed to be good, and neither of us had been (this is a challenge with my husband, who used to travel for a living).

So off we went. It was fun, though my French is extremely rusty and there’s not a lot of English spoken on the island. But it was very beautiful, so here are some pictures. (They’re mostly of bulls, because one of the things we just couldn’t get over was how there were bulls everywhere. Just chained up beside the road, eating the grass. With these little tiny chains that they could break without thinking twice.

So here are some pictures from the trip (click to see the full pix). As usual, feel free to use them if you want them! They’ll go on the pictures page, too.